What is ReVital?

ReVital is the brand name of a new line of added-value-products:

Used electrical appliances, furniture and contents, sports and leisure equipment which are in a good condition are collected, processed and refurbished ("revitalized") and offered for sale as certified quality goods at particularly attractive prices.


This project is aimed at establishing a network of drop off centers, processing plants and outlets. Project activities range from running "Umwelprofis" recycling centers to job-creation-measures in the outlets. The project proponents stand for regionalism, social integration and province-wide cooperation.

The appeal of products labeled with the "ReVital" logo lies in their high quality standards

•    Complete and undamaged
•    Attractive in appearance
•    In working order (certificate for large waste electrical appliances)
•    Tested for safety (for electrical appliances only)
•    Hygienically safe

All ReVital business partners commit to compliance with these quality criteria.

How does it work?

ReVital means revitalization for reuse.

Reusable goods are collected at selected Upper Austrian recycling centers in a controlled manner and are processed at qualified Upper Austrian facilities for sale in outlets of our partners. You can exchange the goods within four weeks (in the event of a reasonable complaint).

The following product categories are collected:

•    Electrical appliances (small & large), but no refrigerators
•    Furniture and contents
•    Sports and leisure equipment

Who benefits from the project?

The added value of ReVital products

•    Reusing old products saves resources and reduces the environmental impact in a sustainable manner
•    Those disadvantaged on the labor market will find new job opportunities and selling ReVital products.
•    Low-priced revitalized second-hand goods meet quality standards in terms of proper functioning, completeness, cleanliness and hygienic safety.

If you buy ReVital, you get a good product for a good price, while at the same time doing good for the environment, jobs and yourself.

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